About Me

Walter Stinnett, a Columbia, Maryland resident, has maintained a strong interest in photography since his teen years. His motto, “interpreting the world through the lens of the camera”, encapsulates his view that an interesting photograph can be taken in any setting. While primarily focused on landscape photography, he is always on the lookout to capture a unique land, air, or sea photo. Walter’s love of photography was instilled in him by the influence of his maternal grandmother who was a well-traveled, accomplished watercolorist. Though she painted some wonderful works of art, he especially looked forward to viewing the photographs she took of the places she visited. As a young person, Walter first used a Kodak 110 pocket camera and soon graduated to a 35mm. Several years ago, he exclusively used a film camera, as he found it an enjoyable challenge. He then received an unexpected gift of a digital SLR and has never looked back. However, he does follow the philosophy that the best camera is the one you have with you, and he finds success in even using his smartphone. Walter believes photography does not stop with the click of a shutter, but extends into post processing. After capturing a shot, he uses photo editing software to apply his artistic interpretation. His goal is to draw people into the scene, enabling them to feel like they are experiencing it firsthand.
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